Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Community in Mourning....

The absolute worst thing a parent can imagine occurred early this morning about 12am. The Bathurst High School Boys Varsity Basketball team were travelling home from games in Moncton and were hit by a tractor trailer. Seven boys & 1 teacher chaperone were killed. Three students and a BHS teacher (who was the coach) were injured. The 3 surviving students are all in the hospital. The teacher is just in total shock...his wife was the teacher chaperone that was killed and his daughter is in ICU.

I dropped my daughter off at the school at 9am this morning to be with her friends and the people coming together is unbelievable!! Most of the district teachers are at the school along with extreme grief counselors and parents. The kids are naturally devastated and it's affecting most of the community in one way or another. Besides my daughter attending the school, we know three of the families affected by this tragedy. I cannot even imagine what or even how they are dealing with this.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.

You can read more & keep updated about it here:


"Hand in Hand"

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Charles LeBlanc said...

It's so sad...I bumped into Premier Shawn Graham this morning and that's the first issue he talked about....

So sad....

My deepest sympathy to involved in this tragedy.

I chatted with my Priest that I've known for over 40 years and religion was a hot topic.

Why do people die at such a young age?

Hie answer- It's not for us to understand now but we will truly understand later.

I sometime wonder....