Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Lord....more snow...

And so, it snowed AGAIN!! I don't know why I'm so surprised *sigh*. All winter I've been sort of measuring the snow on Diane's light post at the end of her driveway (Diane is my neighbor across the street). And this is the result....

And so it goes....There's another storm coming in on Saturday evening into Sunday....Hubby is due to fly in on Saturday, so I hope the snow holds off until he's safely on the ground!!!!...LOL...
Not much more to say....will post more layouts later this week...hopefully!!! Have a great one!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Been Awhile....

I know, I know. BUT....I did say that I wouldn't update everyday...LOL...BUT this is a little bit ridiculous. Just with everything going on in the last month, it hasn't been the best time. Things are finally getting back to normal. The punks haven't had a full school week since the accident -between that & the weather. Which - speaking of weather - is just totally ridiculous. Driving around town is like driving through tunnels, the snowbanks are so high. How often did I say this winter "THANK GOD for 4 wheel drive???" Hundreds...thousands maybe...ok, a little exaggeration - but only to get my point across;) Hubby cleaned off the roof when he was home and I have quite the pile of snow in my backyard...grrrr...we're gonna be in the pool in July and I'm STILL gonna have a pile of snow...I just know it ;) I'm smart that way, ya know *grin*

I was looking through all my CD's the other day and came across one with some old pictures...totally forgot about it. My dad's cousin Betty had sent it up to me a couple of years ago. Anyway, OF COURSE I had to scrap some of them!!! we go...some of the latest layouts...even got one of Chuckie on his boat that he had sent. Still waiting for more water pics Chuck!! *hint* hint*


A Vendre kit by Miss Vivi; Denim Alpha by Miss Vivi


Krafty Girl by Christine Smith; Spreading Cheer Collab kit by Gina Huff, Traci Murphy, Rachel Young; Scraplift from Fanette


Signature Collection by Christina Renee; Cardboard by Katka; Imperfect Circles by Dani Mogstad


Stacked Frame by Kim B Designs; Smooth Sailing Away by Kay Miller; Save the Date Stamps by Darcy Baldwin


sparkles 1 by ksharonk; Everything else by Petit Moineaux; Scriptina font


Staple Fool by Tracy Murphy; Date Stamp by Blythe Evans; Stamped Alpha by Lisa W; Everything else by Susan Darter @ Raspberry Road Designs


Recup'mania by Kawouette; Denim Alpha by Miss Vivi (re-colored); Sparkles by ksharonk


Recup'mania by Kawouette; Salvaged Alpha by Rachel Youn;g Sparkles by ksharonk; Staple Fool by Traci Mur


ChocoNoisiette by Kawouette; Glitter Flourish by ksharonk; A Place Called Home Alpha by Misty Cato; Font AL Professor


Rosalie Kit by Kawouette; Staple Fool by Traci Murphy

So I guess that's it for today...catch ya later....